we think to much and feel to little ,
loneliness is the human condition ,
and now im going to fill all the space with smthing that i can't think .
i've thinking to much for many thing ,
smthing that make me smile , lough , and can make me forget all the memories that i've with all .
i need the smile back  ,
i need the joke back ,
and i need the sentence that "everything gonna be okay ,dont worry "

sekarang ,
semua nye macam dah berubah ,
friends , age , face , and the culture .
i just want a happy life ,
have a good friends , that can make me lough for a stupid thing ,
story about anything ,

i wondered why life had to suck so hard sometimes .
just a fake smile come from me ,
make them not asking im okayy or not ,
i try to live with a happiness .
and i've done ,

now i can smile to evryone .
just  one question ,
theres still have me in your mind ?
this question is random ,
i just asking .
because i want you to know that i will never forget all that i know .
never forget friends .